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Blog from April, 2016

It's official: the AAO is now sponsoring the PANIO effort


Well, this is not really news: the AAO has been investing on projects like PANIO for quite a while. However, what just happened is that the American Association of Orthodontists is now hosting this server (and therefore the PANIO efforts), and is therefore paying for it's electricity and bandwidth. This is huge. Thanks.

The history

At the beginning, some years ago, i was hosting this wiki in a server which was already running all the time at my parents office. However, their Internet Service Provider was doing funny things, and i soon realized that while i had no problems at all accessing it, some users would not be able to access it at all (it was wierd).

So then i decided to host on Google Compute Engine. Except those server aren't free. So i was shelling out roughly $40/month to have a system which wasn't even powerful enough, and needed to reboot every night, and would still crash every few weeks or so.

After a few years of having to spend money for something that wasn't even that great, i expressed my frustration, and the American Association of Orthodontics came to rescue: The AAO has provided a virtual server with 4 times as much memory and 10 times as much disk space at no cost for us.

I completed the move over the weekend.