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Please let us know if you are planning to come or not by replying to the attendance poll which you can open by clicking here.


Please see child pages for individual meeting notes/minutes, and make any modification to the text you deem necessary.




Monday March 11 2019 -
Wednesday March 13 ends at noon.






2019-03-11 1pm-5pmannual curators meeting for the Legacy CollectionSoftware DemosBolton Brush Growth Center
2019-03-11 6pm-8pmDinner
Nighttown Grill
2019-03-12 9am - 5pmAgenda to be defined at Nighttown
Bolton Brush Growth Center
2019-03-13 830am - noonAgenda to be defined at Nighttown
Bolton Brush Growth Center

Monday March 11- Software Demos in the afternoon, Dinner that night at Nighttown
Tueday March 12- JCEG starts at 9am 
Wednesday March 13 JCEG ends at noon.

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  1. I will be attending the meeting in March, the dates work for me


  2. I've checked my schedule, and so far that week looks doable for me. So I'd say I'm a "probable."

  3. Is anyone booking flights yet? I've been tracking prices, and they've been fluctuating like crazy! So I'm considering buying at the next "low"...

    1. Yeah, I don't have tickets yet. Based on your research, what would you consider to be a low? That would help me not have to go through a few cycles to find that out (smile)

      1. Toni, for some reason, convenient flights to Cleveland from LAX for JCEG are always far more expensive than they should be. Every year that I go, I'm shocked at the prices  I don't recall where you fly from, but the flights I've been tracking from LAX have been fluctuating between a low of $518 (not low at all, if you ask me), to $1,081 (crazy expensive). I track on I actually could do a little cheaper if I flew a different airline, but I only fly Delta. Here's a graph of one of the flights I've been tracking.  Since I haven't seen lower than $518, I'll probably buy at that price.  Thanks, - Ken


        1. Toni, etc: I did buy my plane tickets. I was magically able to get the $518 flight (lowest price I'd been seeing) for $498, thru my platinum Medallion desk. I'll be arriving late Sunday night. And I leave CLE at 2:55 Wed afternoon.

          1. P.S. I can get a room at the Tudor Arms for $162/night.  I seem to recall some sort of JCEG or CWRU discount in prior years. Are there any discounts this year?

        2. That's really cool, thanks. I keep forgetting about that awesome google service.

          1. Toni, note that won't show you historical prices from before you start tracking, so the key is to pick a handful of possible flights long in advance, and start tracking prices, and watch the graph trend.  - Ken