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So just the other day a friend in the USA asked me what Italians thought of Trump being the new POTUS. And i realized i didn't really have a clear picture, so i decided to ask a bunch of friends. And here's a collection of what i got back.

Me: Hey, so what thoughts or opinions do you have regarding the new president of the United States? People are asking me what Italians think about him, and i'm not quite sure how to answer that. So i decided to ask a bunch of friends in Italy.
The common belief here is that he is kind of like the US version of Berlusconi, except a lot less controllable... Personally i'm a little biased by what my friend is experiencing: she's been living in the US for 15 years and has started working on getting her american husband the necessary paperwork to move back to Europe with her.
Well, it's not really something that touched me too much. I would say that initially every body was shocked that we won. And they believed him to be a crazy, stupid and not reliable person. They were comparing him with the "Berlusca". However right now his firmness and decisiveness and his intransigence are also turning into positive traits for the right side of the boot. Generally i would say he's not that popular, but he's gained some more positive popularity since the elections.
To be honest with you, i'm not really following Italian politics. Even less so international politics. And that's why i told my self not to form an opinion based on my ignorance. As far as i'm concerned, i can tell you about my consternation during the elections: to tell you the truth, considering how little i knew about the campaign, i was convinced that if he would have won, it would have been for some some strategic reason, rather than for what the actual people wanted. What happened show how little in know about the Americans.
I get the impression that he's not adequate for that job. And also dangerous as far as international relations go.
A crazy horse, one that will give a nice shock to the system, unless they kill him...
That he's crazy, physically week and also a jerk.
I think he's a great smart ass, boor and rude. He understood the belly of the US and takes advantage of it. Surely solely for his own economical purposes. Clearly a good working country favors this.
I think it's pretty safe to say that for us Italians, talking about politics is kind of like talking about soccer: we express opinions and judgements as if we were experts in the subject. In this case, we Italians put ourselves into the two categories pro-Trump and against-Trump not because we know about the USA and their problematics, but just by comparing Trump and what he does to Italian politics and its representatives . So if the neo-president makes a statement saying that he wants to build a wall to sop immigration from Mexico, he becomes the hero of the Lega Nord followers. If he decides to implement protection measures for the economy, he becomes the hero of the Berlusconi followers. If he says he doesn't want to be sponsoring NATO any longer, he becomes the hero of the Beppe Grillo followers, and so on. Basically he is liked and not liked just like a soccer referee, depending on whether a foul is assigned against or in favor of ones team (wink). Personally, i feel myself closer to the utopic vision of Francesco Bergoglio.
There's a lot of fear. He seems like an incompetent leader and extremely aggressive. Even though i realize how ridiculous Italian politicians are, having a person like that as president of the most powerful country of the world is a massacre, a disaster for the planet (ecological, cultural and humanitarian). Many other Italians and myself fear that he will make wicked political decisions!! I have zero confidence and 100% bitterness for the outcome of this election. PS: personally i wasn't a great Clinton fan either, but i would have preferred her as the lesser of the two evils.
I'm not left-wing. Nor am i an extreme right-wing. I like patriotic feelings, because they make the nation richer, but i'm in favor of racial equality, equality between sexes, gay weddings, adoption, abortions, etc. Trump looks like the American version of Berlusconi, but bigger, richer, more extreme and with a much hotter wife. I would have to live in America to have a clearer idea. But he is not wrong on everything he says, and that's why so many voted for him. Just like Salvini, who like be voted even from southern Italians! (big grin) (big grin) He makes me laugh and he scares me, because he wants to do everything with an iron fist, but he certainly isn't stupid. If i would have been in the US, i wouldn't have voted for him... I think.
I personally don't like him as a person: he looks too "scenographic", not very political and also a little racist. However, I'm not really following what he's doing, so I can't say any more.
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