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It might be a coincidence, and it might be just the way the mind plays tricks on me, however, ever since Steve Jobbs passed away, i have notices an array of things which do not work on/with Apple products, and keep not working. I have the impression that when he was active, problems would still occur, however they would disappear silently. Now many of them stay... So i wrote this post to see if this theory i have come up with is really true or not.



This is a list of what i consider major bugs which started appearing more or less one year after Steve Jobs passing away. By major it means that the software in question has to be restarted or substituted, because it stops performing its basic functionalities:


2015-05-26 11:23



File VaultUNRESOLVEDmajorCannot paste password into File Vault password prompt: must type by hand. This is crazy, when one has a random 32 char password!
2015-05-26 11:0510.10.3DesktopUNRESOLVEDmajorMouse pointer disappears on secondary screen, even though it still works. Just can't see it.
2015-02-05 10:1310.8.3any iOSUNRESOLVEDmediumImpossibile to type the question mark character '?' as the first character of text.
 10.9.5MessagesUNRESOLVEDminorMessages prompts for password for Jabber accounts after wake up from sleep. This prompt is useless, as Messages logs in, even if prompt is cancelled.

i am now using Adium, because iChat sometimes will not connect, or iMessages won't work. I haven't figured out how to fix it. I use Adium for some days, then i try Messages and one day it starts working again.

 10.8.2SafariSOLVEDmajori have been experiencing two crashes in two days around mid January 2013, which has never happened before (apart from maybe the very early OS X days (10.1, 10.2). This, though, has stopped in 10.8.4: it is now July 2013, and i haven't had a series of crashes in a while.
 iOS6Keyboard ShortcutsSOLVEDmajor

sometimes the custom shortcuts i have configured simply don't work, as if they don't exist.

iOS7: shortcuts work OK. The problem only happens very rarely.

 iOS8Keyboard ShortcutsUNRESOLVEDmajorLost all shortcuts in restore from one iPad mini to an iPad mini 2! This is unacceptable. Keyboard shortcuts appear in iTunes, but in iPad none are there.

Keyboard Shortcuts

UNKNOWNminor in Italian, it keeps suggesting and changing every word to the most similar one that has an accent, and doesn't learn! (even the 6 year old Nokia E61i i had used to learn...). The word suggestions used to work much better pre iOS6.
 10.8.2MailSOLVEDminorsometimes the mouse cursor within mail is extremely slow. Seems to be OK in 10.8.4
July 201310.8.4ContactsUNKNOWNminorwhen applying an effect to a photo of a contact in Contacts app on Mac, and contacts are iCloud synced, effect is applied, however after a few seconds, the photo returns to normal, without effect.

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