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Everyone is talking about Net Neutrality today, because the Trump administration wants to eliminate this Title II stuff that was apparently added during the Obama administration in 2014. My personal thoughts are these: 

(and these are the comments i was posting on the FCC website, but then couldn't, cuz the Submit button simply wouldn't work) 

I fully support Net Neutrality and the current designation of Internet Service Providers under Title II. The Net Neutrality Act has been in place for only a few years and i was not able to find any data or scientific evidence that this has caused a disadvantage to the American people to the point where the Net Neutrality Act/Title II removal/amendment should be taken into consideration.

So if we need to remove this thing, OK, but let's see some evidence first! I mean we've just had it in place for a few years... Is it really that problematic that we need to address this today? I say we keep it for now. Sounds like a nice thing to have, despite the possible drawbacks.

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